Small to Medium Size Businesses

We provide professional IT services to many small to medium-size businesses in El Paso, Texas, and surrounding areas.

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For over ten years, FIREWIRE has helped many small to medium-sized Businesses here in El Paso, Texas, and the surrounding area with any of their IT needs. FIREWIRE provides IT support, network services, IT consulting, managed services, and cybersecurity for any business. If you have any questions about the services we offer or need IT help, give us a call so you can speak to one of our experienced technicians to see how we can help your business.

Why do I need Technology in my business?
Technology in a business is needed in order to keep up to date and stay competitive with your market and be able to grow. From the internet, computers, point of sales (POSs), network devices, or phone technology is needed no matter what type of business you have. Technology can increase your business productivity, help manage financials, help market your business, provide better customer service, and allow employees to work remotely.

If you are using a lot of paper, handwriting invoices, or have not been able to implement a faster processor system due to lack of Technology, we can recommend devices, systems, or software in order to make your business run more efficiently. Lack of devices and software can make it hard to manage your finances. Having a good process and software can help you keep up with sales, inventory, and let you see where your money is going. Online advertising, whether on social media, your website, or pay per click campaigns, is important so customers can find you. It also allows customers to leave you feedback and be able to respond and improve your service or product if needed. If you need employees to work remotely and still have access to your files when offsite, we can explain what is needed and provide you with an estimate for the service.

You are an expert in your industry, and with our expertise in Technology, your business can go to the next level. Call us today so we can answer any questions or set up an appointment.

IT issues we can troubleshoot:

Slow, freezing, weird acting computers-
Depending on the age of the computer, we can run diagnostics to determine if it is a hardware problem or software problem.

Slow, constantly dropped internet-
If you are paying for fast internet and there are no issues on the internet service providers side, we can do network diagnostics to determine why you are not getting the speed you are paying for.

WiFi issues-
WiFi issues can be frustrating when your devices rely on it, and you cannot connect to it, or the signal keeps dropping. We can do diagnostics to determine why your WiFi is giving you issues.

Slow Point of Sale (POS)-
A POS is like a computer; if it is giving you issues, we can do diagnostics on it to see if it can be repaired.

Slow server-
Servers are powerful machines that require maintenance on the software and hardware in order for them to run without any issues. They also have an age limit; older servers are better to be replaced than repaired. Give us a call so we can ask you a few questions and recommend what would be best.

Camera and DVR network issues-
We can troubleshoot any camera or DVR issues that are on your network. If you have cameras set up and are unable to see them remotely, we can do diagnostics and see what can be done to repair it.

Types of small to medium size business we provide IT services to:
Appraisal Offices
Body Shops
Bridal Shops
Clothing Stores
Dental Offices
Doctors' Offices
Electric Companies
Family Entertainment
Financial Advisors
General Contractors
Healthcare providers
Insurance Agencies
Lawyers Offices
Outsourcing companies (Labor, Payroll & Human Resources)
Print Shops
Retail Stores
Solar Companies
Veterinarian's Office