FIREWIRE provides professional IT services to manufacturing companies in El Paso, Texas, and surrounding areas.


For over ten years, Firewire has been helping manufacturing companies with a variety of IT services. From replacing, installing, setting up IT equipment to providing network assistance. We can help with any IT issues that you are experiencing. We can diagnose computers that are less than eight years old that are giving you issues. Even if you have corporate IT in another city, Firewire can help here locally. We work with your corporate IT office and assist with hands-on work that they are unable to do remotely.

Onsite services we can help with: Password reset
Local backup setup
Computer setup or moves
Server setup
Network troubleshooting

Install, Set up or Replace IT Equipment

If you have parts ordered to be installed or replaced, we can go onsite and take care of it for you. We can replace, install, or set up computers, printers, network devices, or servers. We can service your location in El Paso and southern New Mexico within an hour's distance from El Paso, Texas City limits. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for one of our Techs to go out there, give us a call.

Types of IT Equipment we can set up, install, or replace:
Network extenders
Wireless access points
Network switches
Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Network Assistance
We can assist you with any network services or network troubleshooting. If you are having internet issues in your building, we can do network troubleshooting to determine what is causing the problem. It could be a faulty device on the network or bad ethernet lines. We can go onsite and test all devices and network lines to diagnose the problem. If you need devices replaced or installed like a router, sonic wall, or firewall, we can have one of our technicians go out and set up the equipment. If you have any questions regarding your network or need any assistance with it, give us a call so you can speak to one of our technicians.

Types of Network Services We Provide:
Network troubleshooting
Network site survey
Network threat and risk analysis
Network equipment installation

Diagnose Computers
Firewire can do diagnostics on a less than eight-year-old computer that is giving you issues. Slow computers, computers that do not boot up or turn on need diagnostics to determine the problem. Computers can have either a hardware issue or a software issue, so diagnostics are needed to determine what is causing the issue. Once we have the diagnostics, we can recommend what would be best to replace or repair the computer. If we are unable to provide remote diagnostics, we will schedule a pick up to troubleshoot at the shop. Diagnostics do take time depending on the computer's conditions and age, but we will provide you with an update the next day, and if the diagnostics are complete, we will let you know immediately. Usually, diagnostics and a repair could take a maximum of 3 business days (unless parts are ordered for repair). Either way, we will always keep you in the loop on the status of your computer. We understand computers are needed to operate a business, and time is crucial, so we do our best to be as fast and efficient as possible.

When does a computer need to be diagnosed:
Less than eight years old and giving you issues
Running very slow
Does not power on
Not booting up to the operating system.
Error messages while using software
Blue screens