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Providing professional IT services to Law offices in El Paso, Texas, and surrounding areas.

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With over ten years of IT experience, FIREWIRE can help your law office with any IT services, server, and network services or troubleshoot and diagnose any computer, server, or network issues you are having. If your computer is giving you problems and is less than eight years old, we can recommend a repair. If the computer is reaching its end life and not worth putting any parts or labor into it, we recommend a replacement. We also offer monthly managed services if you prefer the peace of mind of having a dedicated IT department for your law office. Our Service Level Agreement addresses our priority level and response times so you can get an idea of how our technicians will respond to your law office IT issues. FIREWIRE is ready to help you with any questions you may have about our services; give us a call today.

Do I repair or replace my office computer?
Technology is ever-evolving, and devices become outdated fast. Operating systems on computers are changing, and updates are released continuously. The lifespan of a computer is approximately 8-10 years. It is not worth putting money into a computer getting close or already that age. It is best to put the money you would waste on parts and labor toward a new computer that is not outdated. An old computer will give you many hardware and software issues that will put a strain on your business, and your employees will spend more time waiting for a computer to boot or waiting for software to open. The computer won't let you update any software or add printers or devices if the software or hardware is outdated. If a computer is not close to 8-10 years old and gives you issues, we can run diagnostics and recommend a repair. Make sure to have a backup of your computer; if something happens to it, your data can be retrieved. Before scheduling diagnostics, we will ask you a couple of questions about your computer so time and money are not wasted. Diagnostics can include a hard drive check to see if your data is readable and transferable. We cannot guarantee your data is readable until we do the diagnostics first. Advanced data recovery is performed in a cleanroom type environment, and we do not offer that service, but we have different ways of checking to see if your data is readable. Give us a call, and you can speak to a technician about your options.

Cloud vs. In-House Server for My Office
Having a server for your business is beneficial and can help make your business run more efficiently. Employees can access shared files and software in one place. Your employees should save work files on a server than on an individual computer. You can choose either an in-house server or a cloud-based server for your business. If you have any questions or need any recommendations on what is best for your business, give us a call.

Cloud-based server:
Pros: Easy to upgrade space, no physical office space required, access to data on any computer with internet access, 24/7 server monitoring, inexpensive startup costs, file sharing, and collaboration capabilities. It never becomes outdated.
Cons: ongoing monthly or yearly fees, initial deployment time/data migration, and set up for each employee

In house server:
Pros: Physical access to stored data, hardware & software access/upgrade capabilities, fixed costs
Cons: Cost money to upgrade, additional office space required; if the hardware dies, the data could be lost, hardware and software maintenance required. A backup of the server is required. Servers become outdated.

Slow Office Network
Having slow internet in a business can be very frustrating; it slows employees' workflow down and can take a toll on helping customers. If you are paying for high-speed internet and are not getting the speed you need, there could be internal things wrong with your network. Networks can run slow because of faulty devices or cables on the network, or you need additional devices for your network to run at the speed you are paying for. We can do network diagnostics to determine what is causing the problem and recommend what services or parts are needed to make your network run better. Give us a call to schedule network diagnostics for your office.