Asset Management


Managing your assets so you are in control of what and how many devices you own and where they are located in your building or other locations. All small businesses own assets, depending on what type of business you have depends on how many devices you have. Keeping track of all assets in your business is important in case there is fire or any natural disaster, it would be easy for the insurance company to know exactly what needs to be replaced. Also, it is good to track your assets in case you have employees using devices or tools that need to be accounted for. Having a tracking system in place for your assets gives you peace of mind that all of your assets are accounted for.

Symptoms for service:

  • Company needing to effectively track assets, or update their asset inventory.
  • A new business that is opening and needs to identify and label each asset for tracking purposes.

Service Time:

Varies depending on amount of assets. Typically 1-2 Months

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