We provide professional IT services to healthcare offices in El Paso, Texas, and surrounding areas.


We can assist any healthcare office with any computer, server, or network issues. We also provide IT services like computer workstation setups or moves, email migrations, set up a backup for your practice, troubleshoot a slow network, or troubleshoot any server or computer issues. If you are purchasing a new server and need your data migrated, we can provide you with an estimate and let you know the process. We can also recommend a server or computer for your practice based on your needs. From dentist offices to pharmacies, our technicians are ready to help remotely or onsite. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about any of our services.

EHR (electronic health records) & EMR (electronic medical records) Software
All medical providers, regardless of their type, need an EHR or EMR for their practice to protect the patient's data. We can help make your EHR (electronic health records) & EMR (electronic medical records) software run effectively or troubleshoot any issues it may be giving you. Using an EHR system can significantly impact medical practice, and it should be able to run smoothly with no problems. However, there could be issues with the computer, server, or network running on and not necessarily the software itself. With remote diagnostics, we can troubleshoot the software issue and determine if it's hardware-related. For example, slow running software could be slow because of an older computer (8-10 years), a hard drive reaching its end life, missing updates, or lack of maintenance. If you are having EHR or EMR software issues at your practice, give us a call so we can schedule remote diagnostics to troubleshoot your issue.

HIPAA Technical Safeguards
HIPAA compliance requires you to protect a patient's data against data breaches and ensure HIPAA compliance with increased PHI (protected health information) security measures. A secure and safe network is needed to meet HIPAA requirements. A company could face fines if they are not in compliance with HIPAA regulations. There are devices such as a firewall that can protect your network from a cyberattack or, security breach. There is also software that can be added to your office computers to control what websites your employees can access. Aside from an antivirus needed on each computer, you can also encrypt the office computers if someone ever broke in and physically stole the computer. We can also recommend any IT security measures that you can take to protect your practice. Backups, either onsite or cloud, are highly recommended for your server in case of an unforeseen event; your data is always protected. FIREWIRE can conduct a HIPAA Technical Safeguard Audit on your practice and address any findings within your practice. If there are any findings, we can provide you with an estimate of repairs, devices, or services needed to bring your practice into compliance.

Managed Services for Your Healthcare Practice
FIREWIRE can provide you with the peace of mind that all of your technical needs are being met. Based on our Service Level Agreement, we can become your IT department and be available to your employees when they are having an issue. Most issues like troubleshooting a scanner or email issues can be resolved remotely. If we cannot resolve the issue remotely if it's related to a hardware issue or internet issue, we can send one of our technicians onsite. We offer monthly plans based on your practice needs. Give us a call to provide you with a free onsite consultation to see where your practice is now (age of the server and computers along with the condition of the network) and determine how much you would pay monthly for managed services.

Types of healthcare offices we provide IT services to:
Counseling centers
Dental offices
Doctors offices
Health Clinics
Home Health Care Providers
Medical research companies
Small-medium size medical, specialist or surgeon practices
Therapist office
Urgent care centers