FIREWIRE can provide professional IT services to government agency in El Paso, Texas, and surrounding areas.


We can be your IT Department if you don't have an in-house IT person. For over ten years, we have provided small villages and small cities within two hours of the El Paso, Texas city limit with managed services. Our techs are available to help your employees with any IT issues they may have. With our Service Level Agreement (SLA), we address any IT issues by priority and try to resolve them as fast as possible. We can support any devices like servers, computers, laptops, or any network devices you have. We offer monthly plans based on your village or city size and the number of devices we will support. All of our IT services are included in your monthly plan (parts sold separately). We can troubleshoot software issues, server issues, or network issues. Most of our services can be provided remotely, and we can go onsite if needed.

Cybersecurity and IT Consulting for Government Agencies
If you are a government agency and need help investigating a breach, we can help. Government agencies have contacted us to help them investigate cybersecurity issues and breaches. We have the tools and expertise to assist any federal agent with investigating security breaches. Often businesses are targets of cyber attacks and lose thousands of dollars. Businesses then contact the legal authorities and report the incident. The legal authorities contact us to help investigate the breach. We can also assist a federal agent with IT consulting and answer any questions related to computers, networks, or servers. We can provide a formal letter of attestation regarding the incident, which can be used in court to resolve a case or provide additional evidence-based on the investigation needed for the case. If you are a government agency and need professional IT support, give us a call so you can speak to one of our Techs, and we can schedule accordingly. Any service we provide to any government agency is strictly confidential.

Types of Government Agencies we provide Cybersecurity, IT Consulting & IT Services too: Villages in New Mexico and Texas 2 hours from El Paso, Texas
City Halls in New Mexico and Texas 2 hours from El Paso, Texas
Department of Justice
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Defense
Local law enforcement agencies
Military Bases