FIREWIRE provides professional IT services to Franchises in El Paso, Texas, and surrounding areas.


Firewire can be your local onsite IT partner
If you have a corporate IT and need local hands-on IT assistance at your franchise location, we can help. We can replace equipment for you, troubleshoot POS issues, troubleshoot network issues, or provide any service your IT Department can't do remotely and needs onsite help. For over ten years, Firewire has been providing local franchises onsite IT services. When a network is down, money is being lost. Mostly everything in a franchise runs on the internet. A franchise relies on all of its computers and devices to be able to run the business. If there are issues at your location or need an IT service, give us a call to schedule an appointment, and we can send one of our technicians.

Point of Sale (POS) Issues
A Point of Sale nowadays is your cash register, but way more advanced. It controls your sales, inventory, and money. Having POS issues can slow your business down. If you are having trouble with your point of sale, we can run diagnostics and recommend the next step to repair or replace. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to send one of our technicians to your location. Since diagnostics take time, we would pick up the POS and bring it in-house for diagnostics and follow up with repair recommendations. Once we repair it, we will deliver it back to you.

Common Point of Sales (POS) issues:
Hasn't been updated- Updates are needed for your POS to run smoothly.
Runs slow- A slow POS can be hardware or software related, and diagnostics are needed to determine the issue for repair.
Error messages- Pop up error messages that you can't bypass can be annoying, but the error message should be addressed, so no further issues occur.
Hardware issues- POSs can have hardware issues, and if they can't be repaired, then the whole POS might need to be replaced.
Software issues- POSs can give you software issues and can slow your POS down, and can be frustrating.

Onsite Network Issues
Network issues can put your business to a stop. A business relies on the internet to run computers, tablets, phones, and WiFi for employees and customers. If your network is down, you already called your local internet service provider to confirm there is no outage. We can go onsite, run network diagnostics, determine what happened, repair it, and get you up and running again. We can replace any damaged devices on your network like a router, repeater, or firewall. We can also run speed tests on your network if your internet connection is running slow.

Common Franchise Network Issues:
Slow internet speeds- If you are paying for high-speed internet but are not getting the speed you are paying for, you need network diagnostics to determine why your network is running slow. It could be faulty cables, a bad device on the network, or the computer or device being used may have issues.
Devices die- Routers, repeaters, and firewalls all have a lifetime. If they are old, they will eventually die and will need to be replaced.
Spotty WiFi signal- If you are getting a good WiFi signal in one area of your business, but in other areas bad coverage, you might need additional repeaters installed.
Intermittent internet- If your internet goes in and out and your internet service provider is not having any local issues, then running network diagnostics will need to be done to determine the cause of constant internet connection loss.
Issues connecting to the server- If you have problems connecting to your local server, we can troubleshoot and determine why you are having issues connecting to the server.

Types of franchises we provide IT services to:
Hotel Chains
Restaurant Chains
Fast Food Chains
Finance Companies
Insurance Agencies
Print Shops