Crime has evolved. When it comes to protecting your business, aside from
protecting your physical assets, protecting your business files, is crucial.

You may have a type of business that keeps clients' personal information, or you may have files and records that are important to your business. Protecting your data from unauthorized users or hackers is very important. We can recommend what is needed to protect your data from minimizing the damage from a cybersecurity breach.

We can conduct a threat and risk analysis to identify vulnerabilities, examine potential threats associated with those vulnerabilities, and evaluate the resulting security risks that could affect your business. Once we identify the vulnerabilities, we can recommend any corrective actions that can be taken to prevent any future security cyber breaches.

What types of cybercrimes can affect my business?
Cybercrimes frequently happen to many different types of businesses. From phishing emails to internet pop-ups, hackers and scammers are out there and ready to find a way to access your computer and try to get any amount of money from you. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call.

Ways we can help

On-site Support

Our Techs can go on-site to your business and help after a cyber breach and get to work on undoing the damage, securing your network, and getting things back to normal.

Remote Support

We can also set up a remote monitoring session after hours to determine any unusual activity as well as run a network scan for any threats outside your regular business schedule.

In-House Support

In the event of a network-wide trojan or ransomware, we can schedule a pickup of the affected equipment and bring it back to start assessing the choices regarding potential repairs.