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System Diagnostics

What is it?
System diagnostics are typically the first step to get to the bottom of the problems plaguing your computer and help identify the cause of the problem for known or unknown issues. After checking your system, we will explain any problems found and best possible resolution or let you know if more thorough diagnostics are needed.
How Can We Help?
Don't let a small problem turn into an expensive one by fixing things that won't solve your main problem. With our basic and advanced diagnostic service we will recommend a few ways to fix your issue looking out for your best interest. We can help by running basic diagnostics or go to our advanced 18-point check inspection on your system.
How can it be done?
On-Site (Limited*)
Remote (Limited**)

* Limited due to the amount of time it may take and to keep things affordable we may need to pick up and bring it in-house.
** Limited due the amount of problems that can be solved remotely. In the event that internet connectivity or hardware failure may be an issue, an On-site visit may be required.
Symptoms for service:
Blue screens/black screens, computer not booting, random issues, sudden power offs, over heating components.
Time frame of service:
Varies on severity of issue. Typicaly 2-48+ Hours

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