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Remote Monitoring and Management

What is it?
Remote monitoring and management is a system to supervise and controlling computer and other systems by means of a locally installed agent that can be accessed remotely. Some of the functions include the ability to install or updated software remotely, and monitor the systems and network for best efficiency.
How Can We Help?
We can take the surprise out of unexpected problems with monitoring. Take the proactive approach and we'll be on the lookout for problems before they become headaches. Aside we can implement a plan to minimize downtime and apply updates and take care of maintenance after hours and shutdown the systems when done.
How can it be done?
** Limited due the amount of problems that can be solved remotely. In the event that internet connectivity or hardware failure may be an issue, an On-site visit may be required.
Symptoms for service:
Any company that wants to take the proactive approach to IT. Also one that wants to be protected but minimize downtime.

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