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Managed Services

What is it?
Fitted to your business and budget. Our Managed Services give you access to the services you need for a predictable monthly fee. We basically become your I.T. department for any questions or problems. You choose the amount and services that matter to you. Managed services is basically outsourcing on a proactive basis the management responsibilities and functions in order to improve functions and cutting expenses. Similar to IT outsourcing, a company can decide what parts of the IT umbrella apply to their business and maximize coverage by choosing strategic coverage.
How Can We Help?
Every business is different and we can work to craft a plan to cover the most critical areas of a business such as adding a backup, running daily/weekly/monthly virus scans, or have the help you need should an unexpected IT issue arise.
How can it be done?

Symptoms for service:
A company that has IT needs, either big or small. We can work with you to cover the most important areas of your business.
Time frame of service:
Varies depending on issue(s). Through our black card program, we have a service level agreement for clients that require minimum downtime.

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