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Business Server Support

What is it?
A Business Server is crucial part of any business, and maintaining and up keeping one is a big decision. Many small businesses struggle with deciding what to do with one and how to maximize their investment or who to call when it comes time to service it. Having a dedicated server can help your business in so many ways. Separate your production and finance departments. Limit the capabilities an employee to his or her work functions. Minimize the damage anyone can do. A small business that has been getting by just fine on two or three computers discovers that it is going to need a server. It may be because it has added staff or an additional location. Maybe the business wants to add features like Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint. Or the difficulties of controlling network security or providing user access to specific machines or individual folders and files has become a tedious or impossible task. Whatever the reason, most small businesses will eventually evolve to a size or complexity where concerns about network administration, network security, user access, or centralization of important company files will make the need for a server inevitable.
How Can We Help?
We provide server support, diagnostics, repairs and maintenance on your server, Also we can make repairs to issues found. Below are some other examples of things we can do.
Desktop Policy Enforcement: We can put a desktop policy enforcement in place.
Security Update and Weekly scans to assess patch requirements: We can provide security updates and weekly scans to assess any patch requirements needed.
Active Monitoring: We can actively monitor your server.
How can it be done?
Symptoms for service:
Server acting up, unknown issues, slow or outdated server.
Time frame of service:
Varies depending on issue or need.

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