Business Continuity Plan & Disaster Recovery

Always have a Plan B for your business.

business continuity plan and disaster recovery

Firewire can help you create a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) & a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for your business. Having this in place will help your business be prepared for any disaster and minimize your business downtime. A Business Continuity Plan will allow your business operations to continue to run no matter what disaster happens. A cyberattack, natural disaster, or a power outage can cause your network to come down, and data can be lost. Your business can not afford to lose valuable data or downtime. We will help you create a plan that will withstand any threat, no matter where it came from.

What can cause an IT Disaster?

Human Error: An employee can accidentally delete files. Open and respond to a phishing email. Browse the internet, click on a fake virus, call the number, and let a scammer into the computer and server who can then hold your data for ransom.

Natural Disaster: Any natural disaster like a bad rainstorm that causes flooding in your office. A bad ice storm caused a power outage. A bad windstorm that caused damage to your building structure damaging your server, network equipment, or computers inside.

Power outage: A power outage can happen anytime and can cause damage to computers, servers, and any network equipment like routers, firewalls, or modems.  

Cyberattack: This can be an internal or external cyberattack. A cyberattack can happen at any time, and they can hold your data for ransom and request hundreds of thousands of dollars to be wired to them so you can get your data back. Or an employee can click on a bad link, and your data can become encrypted.

Fire or explosion: A fire or explosion can be devastating and cause devices and data to be completely lost.

Updates or Patches: Sometimes, updates or patches can cause unexpected results with data corruption, and data must be restored until a fix is available or the issue has been resolved. This can include updates to the operating system, EHR (Electronic Health Record) System, or other systems that receive updates.

What your Business Continuity Plan will include:

• A Business Continuity Plan customized to fit your business needs- Not all businesses are the same. We will build a plan that will be custom to your industry and business needs.

• Comprehensive cost & benefit analysis for hardware requirements- Hardware requirements will be necessary if a disaster happens, only buy what is needed to get your business up and running again.

• Decreased downtime if an IT disaster occurs- With a Business Continuity Plan in place, downtime will be drastically minimized so your business is not losing money.

• Reliable network connectivity- Reliable internet connection is needed, so your process is not delayed, and your employees can continue to work.

• Annual HIPAA training for healthcare providers- Annual HIPAA training is required for all healthcare providers. We can provide your employees the training, so you are complying with HIPAA.

• Written Information Security Policy and Training – Firewire will provide your business with a Written Information Security Policy and training for your employees, so they are aware of cyberattacks and are trained on different types of cyberattacks like phishing emails, fake virus notifications and the importance of not letting anyone you do not trust into their computer.

• Preventative measures against cyberattacks- With preventive measures in place, your business can be protected from internal or external cyberattacks.

What if I didn’t have a Business Continuity Plan and an IT Disaster just happened? Can you help?

Yes, Firewire has helped many businesses in El Paso, TX, and the surrounding area recover after an IT disaster happened. We can assess your current situation, diagnose your devices, and see if any data can be read or retrieved and if any devices are salvageable. Worst case, we can recommend what devices to repurchase and help you build a claim for your insurance. Give us a call today to speak to one of our expert technicians so we can get your business up and running again.